Controlling the microenvironment at the tumor site

IMco-1 is a technological platform in the form of a skin patch for the treatment of pre-cancerous and cancerous primary lesion. The key function of the device is to isolate the surrounding healthy tissue and immune system from the deleterious effects of the tumor microenvironment. Rending the tumor mute in this fashion helps to prevent metastasis and re-establishes a proper immune function.

This is combined with a transdermal delivery system based on innovative microneedle arrays to allow for local treatment in combination or not with other systemic strategies.


Control of skin tumour microenvironment
Cell-targeted drug delivery

Cell-targeted drug delivery

IMco-2 is a cell-specific delivery system based on a new type of lipid vector that is at an early development stage (TRL 2/3). It will allow to separately target cancer and host cells based on an RNA or neo-RNA signature. Such a tool will improve efficacy of current molecules. It will also make new targets accessible as many pathways are dysfunctional in opposite directions in these 2 different type of cells. Think for example of glycolysis and oxydative phosphorylation in cancer versus T regulatory cells.


Epigenetic editing

The technology of epigenetic editing is bound to take a central place in the treatment of cancer in the coming years. Tumor cells and their high mutation rates are constantly engaged in a fast and chaotic epigenetic remodelling. The epigenetic editing tools that are currently entering the clinical stage offer specificity and reactivity to treat a tumor as it evolves.

Epi-BK, is a marketing-based project (beyond TRL 9) with a unique consumer value proposition that will open new markets and shift the lines in epigenomics-based diagnostics and drug development. Epi-TG (TRL 2/3) is an in silico project that builds upon the possibilities offered by our cell-specific delivery system to identify novel epigenomic targets.

Epigenetic editing

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IMcoMET is young start-up biotech company in the field of cancer immunotherapy. We are building an R&D ecosystem structured around 3 main pillars that are at various technological readiness levels

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