Control of skin tumour microenvironment

The IMco-1 skin patch (Technology readiness level 4) aims at regaining control of the micro-environment at the tumor site to prevent spreading and metastasis, induce the switch from cold to hot tumor and restore immune function.

Cell-targeted drug delivery

IMco-2 (TRL 2/3) is an innovative cell-specific drug delivery system currently in the feasibility phase. In and around the tumor, both cancerous and healthy cells are dysfunctional, often in opposite ways. Being able to tailor drug delivery to these different actors offers a crucial advantage in the fight against cancer.

Epigenetic editing

The technology of epigenetic editing is bound to take a central place in the treatment of cancer in the coming years. IMcoMET has 2 activities in that field. Epi-BK (TRL 9) is a data-driven project currently in market analysis phase. Epi-TG (TRL 2/3) will deliver novel targets for epigenetic editing interventions.

Who we are

IMcoMET is young start-up biotech company in the field of cancer immunotherapy. We are building an R&D ecosystem structured around 3 main pillars: control of the microenvironment at the tumor site, cell specific drug delivery, and epigenetic editing.

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Our pipeline

We are driving our business by keeping a healthy balance in our innovation funnel, from ideation phase to market-ready. To do so we focus on different projects at various technology readiness levels (TRL).

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Let’s work together

We are keen to expand our ecosystem and to attract like-minded collaborators.

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