Local Microfluidic Therapy

We are currently applying our microneedle technology for therapeutic application in the field of non-melanoma skin cancer, focusing on basal cell carcinoma, the most diagnosed cancer worldwide.

The microenvironment found in the tumor is the main driver of tumor growth and immunosuppression. Local Microfluidic Therapy (LMT) aims at restoring a normal immune function within the tumor and let the patient’s immune system destroy the tumor. It works by replacing the tumor microenvironment with the microenvironment from the adjacent healthy tissue.


The ability to continuously sample the skin interstitial fluid over long period of time and in a very localized manner is a unique feature of our microneedle technology. It has valuable applications for health monitoring and diagnostic, as well as follow-up of treatment efficacy (companion diagnostic).

Using recent advances in the field of additive manufacturing, it also offers the possibility to map over time the interstitial fluid composition of a living tissue in 3D, opening new avenues in the field of High Content Screening.